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Suzuki DF15A and DF20A Suzuki DF20A

Suzuki D F 1 5 A And D F 2 0 A Four Stroke Outboard
Suzuki recently launched the all new DF20A and the new generation DF15A. They are the first in their class to have a battery less electronic fuel injection system. The newly designed EFI system boasts inline high pressure fuel pump, a throttle body and small fuel cooler, vapour separator and fuel injector. All of these component parts are smaller than those used on Suzuki’s larger EFI engines [DF40 - DF300] which means that the overall weight of the new models has been kept low. At 44kgs they are the lightest and most compact outboards in their class. Combine that with Suzuki’s Lean Burn Fuel Control System and you have a new EFI outboard that produces easier starts, more responsive acceleration, smoother performance and above all greater fuel efficiency. So what is lean Burn? Many motors have pre-programmed measures of air and fuel that at are delivered at a certain RPM. It is calculated under laboratory conditions to make sure the most efficient measure is given at any RPM. It is pre-determined and will be consistently the same at that particular RPM. Imagine now if you had a motor that was able to deliver the exact requirements of a motor in real time and then "lean" the fuel air mix out according to what the motor required at that time. This is particularly good when RPM is consitent and the Lean Burn ability can really minimize fuel use. This can be a consistent high RPM or a low RPM. It explains why many people are amazed at the Suzuki economy even when venturing into WOT territory during a days boating. Check out the video above, it really is a feature packed portable outboard!

Brand : Suzuki HP : 15
Price: 0.00 Year : 2013

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